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Bernal, recognized as one of the Magical Towns of Mexico, is a unique destination, ideal to rest from the routine and feed on your energy. It is relatively small, so you can take advantage of a weekend and travel the wine route and visit its famous craft shops. From all corners of the town, you will appreciate the imposing Peña de Bernal which, according to the legend, is a natural source of energy.

Photo: Alex Marduk
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The boulder

The boulder (in spanish "la Peña") is the great protagonist of Bernal. The inhabitants say that it is a source of energy and there is no better way to buy it than by going up! You can do it alone or in the company of a guide. We recommend the second option so that you can know the characteristics and history of the monolith, as well as the native flora and fauna.

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Wine Route

If you are a wine lover, Bernal and his vineyards will hallucinate you. The Finca Sala Vivé stands out with its impressive cava 25 meters deep and Azteca Vineyards, with its beautiful country estate. We recommend you buy a Queretano wine, uncover it and make an exclusive picnic with the accompaniment of some local delicacy.

Photo: Gabriel G.
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You can't leave Bernal without trying the chubby cornbread. You will be able to distinguish this Queretana delight by being particularly light and crispy because it is made with a special corn. Other delicacies of Queretana cuisine are the nopales santos (if they are in blue tortilla better) and the traditional enchiladas serranas with cecina.

Photo: Simon Law
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Useful tips

Bernal is the ideal place to spend a weekend. Also, being on the way to Sierra Gorda, you can combine both destinations.