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Escanela River and God's Bridge in Pinal de Amoles

Custodied by old poplars, the crystalline current of the Escanela River descends from the top of the mountain, where time has created two magical landscapes: the God's Bridge (Puente de Dios) and the Angostura Canyon (Cañón de la Angostura).

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Beginning of the crossing

To get to the great protagonist of Sierra Gorda, the God's Bridge, you must first travel the path that has delimited the Escanela River. Encapsulated between ancient stone walls, you will find a river of crystalline water, with blue and green hues.

Photo: Heimlich E. Chinaski
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Angostura Canyon

After a journey of approximately 20 minutes, the river forks until you reach the Angostura Canyon, a gentle stream 50 meters long, where you can bathe. Attention: depending on the time of the year, it is possible that the water is somewhat cold.

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God's Bridge (Puente de Dios)

Finally, after an hour of walking, you will have your reward coming to the Bridge of God. This mysterious natural formation is made up of a semi-open cave with stalactites from which thick water jets arise. It only remains to enjoy the moment and connect with nature in its purest form.

Photo: Juan Faga

Useful data

Indications: On the federal highway 120 San Juan del Río - Xilitla, at the height of Km 155, begins a 5 kms dirt road. It flows into the Escanela River, where the trail begins.